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Design Your Dream Life Course

What’s this course all about?

In 2016, I sat down and got to work designing my dream life. I went through this process for several areas: my marriage, my relationship with my kids, my health and fitness, my friendships and career.

This process was a GAME CHANGER.

I’m a different person now.

I’ve got a deeper, more meaningful relationship with my teenager.

My marriage is solid.

The friends that have come into my life are truly INCREDIBLE.

But the craziest change of all has been in my career. I gained clarity that I had lacked for so long and walked away from my 25-year career, embarking on something more amazing than I ever dreamed possible.

I’m LIVING my dream life and I want YOU to too!

If you are ready, I’ve got the formula. It’s not easy, it takes daily work, but I’m telling you, if you put in the work, you too will create the life of your dreams.

It’s YOUR time.

Join me, design YOUR dream life.

Amy Perkins / www.keystocourage.com

[We recommend watching the videos first and then using the corresponding workbook. The workbook PDF has fill-able fields so you can type in your responses. You can also print the workbook if you prefer. Follow the video and take breaks where indicated to fill out the workbook. This is a self-paced course that you can come back to over and over again. Course contains seven hi-definition videos and companion 16-page color workbook (PDF).]


Design Your Dream Life Course

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